Best Paper Section IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2021
Rachael E. Jack;Vishal M. Patel;Pavan Turaga;Mayank Vatsa;Rama Chellappa;Alex Pentland;Richa Singh
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):305 – 307

Replay Attention and Data Augmentation Network for 3-D Face and Object Reconstruction
Zhiyuan Zhou;Lei Li;Suping Wu;Xinyu Li;Xinyu Li;Xitie Zhang
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):308 – 320

3-D Skeleton-Based Human Motion Prediction With Manifold-Aware GAN
Baptiste Chopin;Naima Otberdout;Mohamed Daoudi;Angela Bartolo
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):321 – 333

RGB-D Face Recognition With Identity-Style Disentanglement and Depth Augmentation
Meng-Tzu Chiu;Hsun-Ying Cheng;Chien-Yi Wang;Shang-Hong Lai
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):334 – 347

Domain Adaptation for Head Pose Estimation Using Relative Pose Consistency
Felix Kuhnke;Jörn Ostermann
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):348 – 359

Audio–Visual Fusion for Emotion Recognition in the Valence–Arousal Space Using Joint Cross-Attention
R. Gnana Praveen;Patrick Cardinal;Eric Granger
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):360 – 373

Novel View Synthesis of Humans Using Differentiable Rendering
Guillaume Rochette;Chris Russell;Richard Bowden
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):374 – 384

Generating 2-D and 3-D Master Faces for Dictionary Attacks With a Network-Assisted Latent Space Evolution
Tomer Friedlander;Ron Shmelkin;Lior Wolf
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):385 – 399

iGROWL: Improved Group Detection With Link Prediction
Viktor Schmuck;Oya Celiktutan
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):400 – 410

ATL-BP: A Student Engagement Dataset and Model for Affect Transfer Learning for Behavior Prediction
Nataniel Ruiz;Hao Yu;Danielle A. Allessio;Mona Jalal;Ajjen Joshi;Tom Murray;John J. Magee;Kevin Manuel Delgado;Vitaly Ablavsky;Stan Sclaroff;Ivon Arroyo;Beverly P. Woolf;Sarah Adel Bargal;Margrit Betke
Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):411 – 424