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Cover of IEEE Biometrics Council T-BIOM publication.The IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (T-BIOM) publishes original articles on all aspects of biometrics (i.e. recognizing people through their physiological or behavioral traits such as face, fingerprint, iris, and signature), including theory, applications, systems, and surveys. Biometrics are personal identity characteristics where people are recognized by who they are rather than by what they own; behavior is the typical movement of a person that is unique and identifiable; identity science underlies the application of biometrics. Papers focusing on ramifications of these areas will also be welcomed, such as security of such systems, standards for their deployment, and new architectures and systems are also welcomed. Broad topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Biometric modalities and their fusion
  • Novel pattern classification and machine learning, including deep learning, algorithms for biometrics and identity science
  • Behavior analysis related to biometrics and identity science
  • Security of biometrics and identity systems
  • Applications including forensics, healthcare, and law enforcement

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407, 2024

Professor Emeritus Mark Nixon Joins Us As EIC TBIOM

July 4, 2024|

IEEE Biometrics Council is happy to introduce the new Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions of Biometrics and Identity Science. The new Editor-in-Chief is Professor Emeritus Mark Nixon and his term will be from July 2024 to June 2027. Mark S. [...]

504, 2024

T-BIOM Articles – 2024, Q2 (Second Issue)

April 5, 2024|

D-LORD: DYSL-AI Database for Low-Resolution Disguised Face Recognition Sunny Manchanda;Kaushik Bhagwatkar;Kavita Balutia;Shivang Agarwal;Jyoti Chaudhary;Muskan Dosi;Chiranjeev Chiranjeev;Mayank Vatsa;Richa Singh Publication Year: 2024,Page(s):147 - 157 EdgeFace: Efficient Face Recognition Model for Edge Devices Anjith George;Christophe Ecabert;Hatef Otroshi Shahreza;Ketan Kotwal;Sébastien Marcel Publication Year: [...]

803, 2024

T-BIOM Articles – 2024, Q1 (First Issue)

March 8, 2024|

Data and Algorithms for End-to-End Thermal Spectrum Face Verification Thirimachos Bourlai;Jacob Rose;Suha Reddy Mokalla;Ananya Zabin;Lawrence Hornak;Christopher B. Nalty;Neehar Peri;Joshua Gleason;Carlos D. Castillo;Vishal M. Patel;Rama Chellappa Publication Year: 2024,Page(s):1 - 14 Explaining Deep Face Algorithms Through Visualization: A Survey Thrupthi Ann [...]

1411, 2023

T-BIOM Articles – 2023, Q4 (Fourth Issue)

November 14, 2023|

ERR-Net: Facial Expression Removal and Recognition Network With Residual Image Baishuang Li;Siyi Mo;Wenming Yang;Guijin Wang;Qingmin Liao Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):425 - 434 Super-Resolving Face Image by Facial Parsing Information Chenyang Wang;Junjun Jiang;Zhiwei Zhong;Deming Zhai;Xianming Liu Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):435 - 448 MD-Pose: Human Pose Estimation for [...]

909, 2023

T-BIOM Articles – 2023, Q3 (Third Issue)

September 9, 2023|

Best Paper Section IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2021 Rachael E. Jack;Vishal M. Patel;Pavan Turaga;Mayank Vatsa;Rama Chellappa;Alex Pentland;Richa Singh Publication Year: 2023,Page(s):305 - 307 Replay Attention and Data Augmentation Network for 3-D Face and Object Reconstruction [...]

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