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Become a member of a growing community interested in biometrics and related technologies. Membership in the IEEE Biometrics Council is free for existing IEEE Members and provides you with the opportunity to connect with peers, industrial practitioners and academics working in biometrics and stay up to date with the latest developments, research achievements and technical publications in the field.

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IEEE Biometrics Council Benefits

In addition to IEEE Member benefits & discounts, IEEE Biometrics Council membership includes:

  • Distinguished lecture program

  • Database for experiments

  • Local Chapter Activities

  • Student Branch Chapters

IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (T-BIOM)

The IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (T-BIOM) publishes original articles on all aspects of biometrics (i.e. recognizing people through their physiological or behavioral traits such as face, fingerprint, iris, and signature), including theory, applications, systems, and surveys. Biometrics are personal identity characteristics where people are recognized by who they are rather than by what they own; behavior is the typical movement of a person that is unique and identifiable; identity science underlies the application of biometrics. Papers focusing on ramifications of these areas will also be welcomed, such as security of such systems, standards for their deployment, and new architectures and systems are also welcomed.

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