Are you seeking sponsorship from the IEEE Biometrics Council for your Conference or event? If so, please complete the questionnaire questions below and send it to Prof. Nasir Memon at

Please provide answers to the following and email to Prof. Nasir Memon at

  1.  Name and URL of the website of the conference you are seeking sponsorship.
  2. Do you seek technical or financial sponsorship?
  3. Who is the financial sponsor?
  4. What is the relationship of biometrics to your conference? Have you had biometrics related papers in your conference?
  5. Will you be publishing in IEEE Xplore?
  6. Who in your program committee are biometrics experts? Would you be open to including some biometrics expert we suggest in your program committee?
  7. What is your paper review process?
  8. How many papers were submitted last time to your conference and how many were accepted?
  9. If you are seeking financial co-sponsorship, please send us the final budget from the your last edition of the conference, and a tentative budget of the current version.