Wordscape with "Biometrics" large in center.

Our Vision

Be the leading and driving force within and outside the IEEE for the advancement and sustainability of the field of biometrics.

Our Mission

  1. To serve the members of our member societies and the worldwide biometrics technical community through the organization and support of high-quality conferences, workshops, and journals.
  2. To support educational activities that benefit new professionals in this area as well as experienced practitioners and researchers.
  3. To provide a mechanism to disseminate technical content through the first ever virtual journal from IEEE.
  4. To collaborate with our member societies in order to promote biometrics technology that impacts every person in the world in one form or the other.

The field of interest (FOI) of the Council is the theory, design, and application of biometric characterization of human beings, based on physiological and/or behavioral features and traits, in particular for identification, identity verification, authentication, encryption, recognition, and medical diagnosis.

Strategic Plan