Deadline: 3rd September 2023

In accordance with the Bylaws, IEEE Biometrics Council Past President Ajay Kumar, in his capacity as Chair of the Councils’ Nominations Committee, invites nominations for the IEEE Biometrics Council Officer position of Vice President-Technical Activities for the term 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025.

Position Description

The Vice President (Technical Activities) is an Executive Committee (ExCom) member of the IEEE Biometrics Council. He/she chairs the Technical Activities Committee and shall act as a liaison to the ExCom for the Council’s technical activities, and other meetings. The Vice President (Technical Activities) is responsible for the organization of webinars, liaison with student chapters and the council awards, organization of technical sub-committees, drafting strategic and long-term plans for the council’s technical activities; responsible for the creation of the council’s five-year technical activities review document; and represent the council at IEEE meetings or meetings of other organizations for conference matters or as requested by the Councils President.

In summary, the Vice President (Technical Activities) has direct overall responsibilities for the development, operation, and improvement of the council’s technical activities and reports to the President. The operations manual available also outlines these responsibilities.

Position Criteria

The Vice President (Technical Activities) should have actively participated in the organization of technical activities, or in an equivalent management capacity for the organization of international meetings. Candidates must possess a record of technical achievement and should hold the IEEE grade of Member or higher. They must be, at the time of nomination and must remain throughout the term of service, members in good standing of IEEE and of the IEEE Biometrics Council.


The term for Vice President (Technical Activities) is two years.

Time Commitment

VP (Technical Activities) regularly joins monthly online ExCom meeting, which generally lasts for one hour. He/She also travels to participate in the annual Advisory Committee meeting, which is generally held in conjunction with the BTAS or IJCB. To summarize, the time required for the position of Vice President (Technical Activities) is roughly 2-3 hours per week.

Election Process

The IEEE Biometrics Council Advisory Committee (AdCom) members vote and elect Vice President (Technical Activities).

Nomination Process

Interested candidates should send their nominations through a nominator who is a member of one of the member societies of the IEEE Biometrics Council. Nominations can also be submitted by any AdCom member, or the nominations committee member of the biometrics council. The nominator should send the nomination to Ajay Kumar ( by 3rd September 2023.