Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Best Biometrics Papers at ICPR 2020
Massimo Tistarelli;Michele Nappi;Yunhong Wang
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):149 – 149

On the Use of Local Fixations and Quality Measures for Deep Face Recognition
Nelson Méndez-Llanes;Katy Castillo-Rosado;Heydi Méndez-Vázquez;Massimo Tistarelli
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):150 – 162

Matching 3D Facial Shape to Demographic Properties by Geometric Metric Learning: A Part-Based Approach
Soha Sadat Mahdi;Nele Nauwelaers;Philip Joris;Giorgos Bouritsas;Shunwang Gong;Susan Walsh;Mark D. Shriver;Michael Bronstein;Peter Claes
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):163 – 172

PIFS Scheme for HEad Pose Estimation Aimed at Faster Face Recognition
Carmen Bisogni;Michele Nappi;Chiara Pero;Stefano Ricciardi
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):173 – 184

SUPREAR-NET: Supervised Resolution Enhancement and Recognition Network
Soumyadeep Ghosh;Mayank Vatsa;Richa Singh
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):185 – 196

Canonical Face Embeddings
David McNeely-White;Ben Sattelberg;Nathaniel Blanchard;Ross Beveridge
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):197 – 209

Perturbed Attention-Assisted Siamese Network for Cross-Spectral Periocular Recognition
Sushree S. Behera;Niladri B. Puhan;Sapna S. Mishra
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):210 – 221

CNN-Based Restoration of a Single Face Image Degraded by Atmospheric Turbulence
Rajeev Yasarla;Vishal M. Patel
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):222 – 233

Multi-View Large Population Gait Database With Human Meshes and Its Performance Evaluation
Xiang Li;Yasushi Makihara;Chi Xu;Yasushi Yagi
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):234 – 248

GAN-Based Inter-Class Sample Generation for Contrastive Learning of Vein Image Representations
Wei-Feng Ou;Lai-Man Po;Chang Zhou;Peng-Fei Xian;Jing-Jing Xiong
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):249 – 262

An Attack on Facial Soft-Biometric Privacy Enhancement
Dailé Osorio-Roig;Christian Rathgeb;Pawel Drozdowski;Philipp Terhörst;Vitomir Štruc;Christoph Busch
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):263 – 275

Eye Know You: Metric Learning for End-to-End Biometric Authentication Using Eye Movements From a Longitudinal Dataset
Dillon Lohr;Henry Griffith;Oleg V. Komogortsev
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):276 – 288

A Novel High-Resolution Fingerprint Representation Method
Feng Liu;Guojie Liu;Wentian Zhang;Lei Wang;Linlin Shen
Publication Year: 2022,Page(s):289 – 300