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IEEE Biometrics Council’s mission to promote biometric technology is met through technical activities, sessions, and conferences. The council presents advancing discoveries to the large public, and the findings serve as a primary step in the development of numerous new industries. For instance, one of the niches that have been greatly improved by the IEEE Biometric Council’s work is the lending industry.

To represent the strong collaboration with IEEE Biometrics with the mentioned field, Latoria Williams, CEO of a financial industry’s company, has given a speech at our conference. The presentation focused on how IEEE Biometrics scientists’ theories and researchers have helped the lending industries’ work.

One of the strongest suits of financial industries operating online is healthy and clear communication with the clients. For reaching this aim, lending services rely on biometric characterization based on customers’ behavioral traits. This way, as mentioned by Mrs. Williams, it is easier to recognize the needs of a client and categorize them into the domains of the products the industry provides.

Matching services and direct lenders teams are informed on the scientific discoveries on linguistic skills to explain the process and benefits of the services they offer to those taking their 1st cash advance and update returning clients on the market’s novelties.

The collaboration between the IEEE Biometrics Council and the lending industry companies aims to improve the overall level of financial literacy among the global population and give the opportunity of safe borrowing to everyone in need of any lending product.

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