Accepted papers

The final program will be soon announced.

  1. Self-Supervised Learning of Face Representations for Video Face
  2. Facial Expression Analysis through Point Cloud Neural Networks,
  3. Segmentation Guided Image-to-Image Translation with Adversarial
  4. Extended Gaze Following: Detecting Objects in Videos Beyond the Camera Field of View
  5. Photo-Realisitc Exemplar-Based Face Aging,
  6. Deformable Synthesis Model for Emotion Recognition,
  7. Fully End to End Composite Recurrent Convolution Network for Deformable Facial Tracking In The Wild
  8. The Deeper, the Better: Analysis of Person Attributes Recognition,
  9. GF-CapsNet: Using Gabor Jet and Capsule Networks for Face-Related Tasks,
  10. Video Prediction with Bidirectional Constraint Network,
  11. A Graph-Structured Representation with BRNN for Static-based Facial Expression Recognition
  12. FCSR-GAN: End-to-end Learning for Joint Face Completion and Super-resolution
  13. Exploring Features and Attributes in Deep Face Recognition Using Visualization Techniques
  14. Attribute-Guided Sketch Generation
  15. shallowCNN-LE: A shallow CNN with Laplacian Embedding for face anti-spoofing
  16. Simultaneous Adversarial Training
  17. Fast Facial Image Analogy with Spatial Guidance
  18. Deep Conditional Variational Estimation for Depth-Based Hand Poses,
  19. IdenNet: Identity-Aware Facial Action Unit Detection,
  20. Automated Measurement of Head Movement Synchrony during Dyadic Depression Severity Interviews
  21. Generalizing to Unseen Head Poses in Facial Expression Recognition and Action Unit Intensity Estimation
  22. Analysis of temporal alignment for Video Classification
  23. Affect-driven Learning Outcomes Prediction in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  24. Database of Gesture Attributes: Zero Shot Learning for Gesture Recognition
  25. MAGIC: A Fundamental Framework for Gesture Representation, Comparison and Assessment
  26. Learning Discriminative and Complementary Patches for Face Recognition
  27. Bounded Residual Gradient Networks (BReG-Net) for Facial Affect Computing
  28. Context-aware Hybrid Neural Network Architecture for Video-based Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild
  29. A Boost in Revealing Subtle Facial Expressions: A Consolidated Eulerian Framework,
  30. Real-time Hand Gesture Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks,
  31. DemogPairs: Quantifying the Impact of Demographic Imbalance in Deep Face Recognition,
  32. Toward Automated Classroom Observation: Predicting Positive and Negative Climate,
  33. Improving Face Sketch Recognition via Adversarial Sketch-Photo Transformation
  34. Tree-gated Deep Regressor Ensemble For Face Alignment In The Wild,
  35. Hierarchical Group-level Emotion Recognition in the Wild,
  36. Boundary-sensitive Network for Portrait Segmentation,
  37. Stacked Hourglass Network Joint with Salient Region Attention Refinement for Face Alignment,
  38. LPM: Learnable Pooling Module for Efficient Full-Face Gaze Estimation ,
  39. Improving Head Pose Estimation with a Combined Loss and Bounding Box Margin Adjustment
  40. The Many Moods of Emotion,
  41. Learning Temporal Information From A Single Image For AU Detection,
  42. On the effect of age perception biases for real age regression,”
  43. A CNN Model for Head Pose Recognition using Wholes and Regions,
  44. Analyze Spontaneous Gestures for Emotional Stress State Recognition: A Micro-gesture Dataset and Analysis with Deep Learning,
  45. Pain Expression Recognition Using Occluded Faces
  46. Valence and Arousal Estimation In-The-Wild with Tensor Methods,
  47. LRW-1000 A Naturally-Distributed Large-Scale Benchmark for Lip Reading in the Wild,
  48. Audio-Visual Emotion Forecasting: Characterizing and Predicting Future Emotion Using Deep Learning
  49. Are You Speaking: Real-Time Speech Activity Detection via Landmark Pooling Network,
  50. Time-series Clustering with Jointly Learning Deep Representations, Clusters and Temporal Boundaries,
  51. Your Fellows Matter: Affect Analysis across Subjects in Group Videos,
  52. Facial Expression Editing with Continuous Emotion Labels,
  53. Estimation of Missing Human Body Parts via Bidirectional,
  54. Skeleton-Based Hand Gesture Recognition by Learning SPD Matrices with Neural Networks
  55. Revisiting a single-stage method for face detection,
  56. Discovering Identity Specific Activation Patterns in Deep Descriptors for Template Based Face Recognition,
  57. Deformable Face Net: Learning Pose Invariant Feature with Pose Aware Feature Alignment for Face Recognition
  58. Cross-domain AU Detection: Domains, Learning Approaches, and Measures
  59. 2D Landmark-Based Facial Asymmetry Assessment in the Clinical Case of Facial Paralysis
  60. Reparameterising 3D Statistical Shape Models,
  61. Using Photorealistic Face Synthesis and Domain Adaptation to Improve Facial Expression Analysis
  62. MobiFace: A Novel Dataset for Mobile Face Tracking in the Wild,
  63. Multi-task human analysis in still images: 2D/3D pose, depth map, and multi-part segmentation
  64. Active Authentication using an Autoencoder regularized CNN-based One-Class Classifier
  65. Representation Learning Through Cross-Modality Supervision,
  66. Large Scale Sign Language Interpretation,
  67. Equipping social robots with culturally-sensitive facial expressions of emotion using data-driven methods,
  68. AutoRate: How attentive is the driver?,
  69. Multimodal Deep feature aggregation for Facial Action Unit Recognition Using Visible images and physiological signals,
  70. Robust Video Face Recognition From a Single Still Using a Synthetic Plus Variational Model,
  71. Modeling and Synthesizing Idiopathic Facial Paralysis,
  72. Matching Thermal to Visible Face Images Using a Semantic-Guided Generative Adversarial Network,
  73. Expression Empowered ResiDen Network for Facial Action Unit Detection
  74. DroneSURF: Benchmark Dataset for Drone-based Face Recognition,
  75. A Benchmark Video Dataset for Face Detection and Recognition Across Spectra and Resolutions.