Camera-ready Submission Instructions

Instructions for validation and submission of FG 2019 camera-ready papers

Please read these instructions carefully and follow them exactly to minimize problems with production of the conference proceedings.

The deadline for final submission (completion of all steps below) is February 27, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time. This deadline will not be extended. Papers that arrive after the deadline may not appear in the conference proceedings, and may not be placed in IEEE Xplore.

Note: All FG papers that are submitted on time, which are compliant with IEEE Xplore, and for which the IEEE copyright has been completed, will be placed in IEEE Xplore shortly after the meeting. Only those papers that are placed in IEEE Xplore can be considered archival.

There are three steps to completing your final FG 2019 paper submission:

  1. Prepare your camera-ready paper using the provided template: Latex template or Word template.
  2. Validate your camera-ready paper and submit your camera-ready paper using IEEE PDF eXpress Plus.
  3. Complete the copyright form via the link which will be emailed to you via IEEE’s eCF database.

These steps are detailed below.


Please prepare your final version using the IEEE provided camera-ready paper templates.

[IMPORTANT NOTE 1] No Page Numbers. Pages MUST NOT be numbered. The title and the author list of an accepted paper CANNOT be changed in the final manuscript.

[IMPORTANT NOTE 2] Copyright Notice. A copyright notice must be necessarily included at the bottom of the first page of your paper:

  1. Case#1: For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is:
    U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright

  2. Case#2: For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is:
    978-1-7281-0089-0/19/$31.00 ©2019 Crown
  3. Case#3: For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is:
    978-1-7281-0089-0/19/$31.00©2019 European Union
  4. Case#4: For all other papers the copyright notice is:
    978-1-7281-0089-0/19/$31.00 ©2019 IEEE

Latex users can add the following lines just after \begin{document} in order for the copyright notice to show up. An example for Case#4 is given below.

\IEEEoverridecommandlockouts\pubid{\makebox[\columnwidth]{978-1-7281-0089-0/19/\$31.00~\copyright{}2019 IEEE \hfill}
\hspace{\columnsep}\makebox[\columnwidth]{ }}

MSWord users can use: “Insert -> Text box”, and insert the appropriate copyright notice in the texbox, and place the box (without border) at the bottom left on the first page.

[IMPORTANT NOTE 3] Page Limit. For all the accepted papers in the final submission, their categories (short or long) must remain unchanged, which means short cannot be changed to long, and long cannot be changed to short either. The templates can be used for both short paper and long paper. For Short Paper category, papers may be up to 4 pages plus 1 page references, and for Long Paper category, papers may be up to 8 pages. Papers (Long Paper category) longer than 7 pages will be subject to a page fee (100 USD) for the extra page (note that the extra page fee will be charged during the registration phase). Papers that are longer than 8 pages will not be processed and will not appear in the conference proceedings or on IEEE Xplore.

[IMPORTANT NOTE 4] File Size. There is a strict size limit of 10 MB (10,485,760 bytes) for PDF files for both short and long paper categories in the conference proceedings. If your paper is larger than this, you are probably using very large images in your figures. As a rule, your images will look fine at 600 pixels per inch and you should down-sample the images used in your figures accordingly. Smaller PDF files are also validated more quickly by PDF eXpress.


IEEE requires that all papers to be entered into the IEEE Xplore digital library meet the IEEE style guidelines. Papers that do not meet these guidelines will not be placed in Xplore. This is IEEE policy.

  1. Login to the PDF eXpress website:
  2. If you are a new user of PDF eXpress, click on the “New Users – Click Here” link.
  3. Enter the following details:
    1. Conference ID: 44468XP
    2. Your Email Address
    3. Your Password
    4. Continue to enter information as prompted
  4. Click on the “Create New Title” option
    1. Enter title of your paper
    2. Submit the PDF file you wish to validate, or submit the MS-Word source files you wish to convert.
  5. Important Note:
    1. A majority of the failed validations are due to font embedding issues. If your validation fails, make sure that embeddable fonts are used exclusively, including the captions and text of figures and tables. If you Google “pdf express problem” you will find lots of advice on how to fix validation problems.
    2. You cannot skip the validation step. IEEE will revalidate every file we submit for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, and will not fix or ingest files that fail validation. If it’s not ingested, it is not archival.
    3. Please note that PDF eXpress Plus also includes a facility to collect your final camera-ready paper.


Deadline: February 27, 2019. The deadline for all FG 2019 papers is February 27, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time. This deadline will not be extended. Papers that arrive after the deadline may not appear in the conference proceedings, and may not be placed in IEEE Xplore.

A. You will recieve an email from the IEEE’s eCF Database. This email will contain links and credentials to access your individual eCFs and complete them. Please follow these instructions to complete your copyright form or forms

[IMPORTANT NOTE 5] Please be aware that once you submit your IEEE Electronic Copyright form, you will not be able to go back and make changes. IEEE does not have any mechanism to redo an electronic copyright form and you will not be able to complete more than one form per paper. As such, please be sure that the title, author list, etc. are correct and final on the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form prior to completing and submitting the copyright form. Papers without completed copyright forms will not appear on the conference proceedings disk and will not be enrolled in IEEE Xplore.