Register for IJCB2020

Author Registration: $220 (authors should register by August 31, 2020)
Regular Registration: coming soon
Registration Link:

Online Conference Portal

IJCB 2020 will take place using the Virtual Conference Platform Whova EMS (Event Management System) (, with conferencing platform Zoom. Whova operates as both a web application and a mobile application. By downloading the mobile application, you will benefit most from the networking aspects of the platform, allowing you to interact with presenters, speakers, and attendees through the application directly. All- conference sessions will be accessed through Whova, either on the web or mobile application.

Within 24 hours of you registering for the conference, you will have access to Whova. Please sign-up on the Whova platform at here.. When signing up for Whova, it is essential that you register using the same email used for your conference registration.

To ensure IJCB 2020 runs smoothly while maintaining interactivity, we will be running technical sessions as a blend of live & pre-recorded content. Each presenter's pre-recorded video of their presentation will be available three days prior to the scheduled live session. You can view the pre-recorded presentation and post questions for the authors. Presenters are expected to attend their allocated live session where a live Q & A will take place.

To get the best experience possible for IJCB 2020, we recommend you to:
  • Access the Whova Web-app using Chrome web-browser to ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Download the Whova-mobile app to maximize networking and interaction.
  • Update your Whova profile to engage fully with the conference and network with other attendees.
  • Download the stand-alone Zoom client; while Whova has Zoom integrated into its platform, you may require the stand-alone Zoom client for some advanced features.