• During BTAS 2019 review process, the paper should not be submitted to or be under review in other conferences, workshops, journals. Submitted papers may be checked with a plagiarism detection tool.
  • Simultaneous submission to arxiv is allowed.
  • Submissions may be up to eight pages in IEEE conference format, excluding references. There is no limit on bibliography pages. Note that papers longer than six pages in the published proceedings will incur a page charge, up to two extra pages (bibliography pages will not incur an extra charge).
  • Authors can submit one supplementary file. The size should not exceed 100 MB (maximum allowable by CMT) and can be in doc, pdf or zip format.
  • Papers accepted at the conference must be presented by one of the authors, and at least one of the authors must register before the paper registration deadline. Each author registration applies towards only one paper. If an accepted paper is not registered and/or not presented at the conference, it will be withdrawn from the proceedings and from IEEE Xplore. BTAS 2019 reserves the right to exclude a paper from publication if the paper is not presented (no-show) at the conference..
  • Authors may not delegate presentation of their paper to a non-author in attendance.
  • Authors are required by IEEE to transfer copyrights for any papers placed in Xplore. This is performed at the time final versions are submitted for production. If a paper is withdrawn from the proceedings, copyright will revert to the authors..
  • LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates can be found at:
  • The review process is double-blind. Please remove author names, affiliations, email addresses, etc. from the paper. Remove personal acknowledgments.
  • When reporting experiments on data collected in your lab, consider stating this as “This experiment was conducted using data acquired in our labs”. Do not state this as “This experiment was conducted using data that was collected in our labs at Mars University”
  • When citing your own work, ensure that the narrative does not divulge your identity.
  • Please submit your paper to the Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit at:

Camera Ready Submission

Please read these instructions carefully and follow them exactly to minimize problems with production of the conference proceedings. All papers that are submitted on time, which are compliant with IEEE Xplore, and for which the IEEE copyright has been completed, will be placed in IEEE Xplore can be considered archival.

1. Add copyright notice to your paper
Add the appropriate copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document.
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is:
    U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is:
    978-1-7281-1522-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 Crown
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is:
    978-1-7281-1522-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 European Union
  • For all other papers the copyright notice is:
    978-1-7281-1522-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 IEEE
Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.  
You may follow these instructions to add the copyright notice in your latex file:
  • Include the following package: 
  • Add the following commands before \begin{document}:  
    {\hfill \footnotesize 978-1-7281-1522-1/19/\$31.00 \copyright 2019 IEEE\hfill}  
  • Please ensure that you use the appropriate copyright notice.
  • Include the following statement just after the abstract: 
Please ensure that the copyright notice appears at the bottom in the first column of the first page. 

2. Validate your paper using PDF eXpress
  • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress® Login Page:
  • Enter the following: 46853X for the Conference ID.
  • If you have not used PDF eXpress before, you must create an account. Click the "New User" button and follow the instructions. If you have used PDF eXpress for a previous conference, you can log in using your previous email address and password; it will then ask you to create an account for this conference by entering a password--it can be the same password. Verify (and update if necessary) your contact information and click "Submit". Once you have an account, you can login as often as you need to process all of your papers.
  • Create a new title for each paper that you are submitting.
  • Submit the PDF file you wish to validate, or submit the source files you wish to convert. PDF eXpress will digest the file(s) submitted and send you an e-mail with the validation result, or the generated PDF, as appropriate. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the result.

Note: It is our understanding that 90% of the failed validations are due to font embedding issues. If your validation fails, make sure that embeddable fonts are used exclusively, including the captions and text of figures and tables. If you Google "pdf express problem" you will find plenty of advice on how to fix validation problems.

You cannot skip the validation step. IEEE will revalidate every file we submit for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, and will not fix or ingest files that fail validation. If it's not ingested, it is not archivable – which means your paper will not appear in IEEE Xplore.

If you encounter any problems, contact the Publications Support Center for IEEE PDF eXpress via Live Chat or the Submission Form.

If your problems are not yet resolved even after your best efforts, contact Arun Ross at

3. Final paper submission for production
  • Login to the CMT paper collection, site:
  • Prepare and validate your camera-ready submission as described in Step 2. The name of your camera-ready submission must be in the form XXXX.pdf where XXXX is the four-digit paper ID (zero-padded if necessary). For example, if your paper ID is 24, the filename must be 0024.pdf. Rename your camera-ready PDF file that was validated by PDF eXpress and upload it after clicking on the “Create Camera Ready Submission” link.

    The final PDF submission should be 8 pages or less in length; less than 100MB in size; must be validated by PDF eXpress; and should be uploaded to the CMT web site (after validation) by July 25, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Note that pages 7 and 8 are subject to overlength charges of USD 100 each.
  • To finalize the paper submission process, you must next complete and submit the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form as described in Step 4 below. If you upload a paper more than once, the paper collection site will remember that you have already filled out the copyright form for that paper and so you don't have to resubmit the electronic copyright form.

4. Submit the IEEE Copyright form

Complete and digitally sign the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form for your paper and submit it along with your final paper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that once you submit your IEEE Electronic Copyright form, you will not be able to go back and make changes. IEEE does not have any mechanism to "redo"" an electronic copyright form and you will not be able to complete more than one form per paper. As such, please be sure that the title, author list, etc. are correct and final on the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form prior to completing and submitting the copyright form.

Papers without completed copyright forms will not appear on the conference proceedings disk and will not be included in IEEE Xplore.