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Feb 23 Opening Session
(UID Talk + IEEE Biometrics
Council Award Talk)
Coffee Break Oral Session 1 Keynote
Dr. Gang Hua
Lunch Oral Session - 2 Coffee Break Short Orals - 1
Feb 24 Oral Session 3
(starts at 8:50am)
Coffee Break Short Orals - 2 Keynote
Prof. Nasir Memon
Lunch Panel Session Coffee Break Oral Session 4
Full oral presentation: 20 mins
Short oral presentation: 10 mins

Oral Session 1 - Behavioral Biometrics
23 Transfer Learning in Long-Text Keystroke Dynamics
38 Anatomy of Secondary Features in Keystroke Dynamics - Achieving More with Less
43 A Practical Evaluation of Free-text Keystroke Dynamics
68 Modeling Interactive Sensor-Behavior with Smartphones for Implicit and Active User Authentication

Oral Session 2 - Security
63 How to Assess User Interaction Effects in Biometric Performance
102 Unusual human activity detection using Markov Logic Networks
61 Spoofing Faces Using Makeup: An Investigative Study
106 A Hybrid Model for CFA Interpolation Detection

Oral Session 3 – Assorted Topics
65 Quasi-straightness based Features for Off-line Verification of Signatures
31 Automatic Speech Emotion Detection System using Multi-domain Acoustic Feature Selection and Classification Models
84 Pain Expression as a Biometric: Why Patients’ Self-Reported Pain doesn’t Match with the Objectively Measured Pain?
86 Passive Fingerprinting for Wireless Devices: A Multi-Level Decision Approach

Oral Session 4 - Image-based Forensic Analysis
107 An Enhanced Statistical Approach for Median Filtering Detection using Difference Image
57 Template Ageing and Quality Analysis in Time-Span Separated Fingerprint Data
28 Multi-Object Trajectory Coupling Using Online Target Specific Decision Making
85 Pore based Indexing for High-Resolution Fingerprints

Short Oral Session 1
2 Effects of Meteorological Factors on Finger Vein Recognition
3 A Discriminative Spatio-temporal Mapping of Face for Liveness Detection
4 A Novel Palmprint Recognition System using Patch Based Filter Response
34 Parameter Adjustment of Finger Vein Recognition Algorithms
36 Pre-trained Classifiers with One Shot Similarity for Context Aware Face Verification and Identification
83 Constraint Patch Matching for Faster Person Re-identification
101 Multi-Source Approach for Crowd Density Estimation in Still Images
113 Touch Gesture-Based Authentication: A Security Analysis of Pattern Unlock

Short Oral Session 2
39 Analysis of adaptability of deep features for verifying blurred and cross-resolution images
30 BioSoft - A Multimodal Biometric Database Incorporating Soft Traits
32 De-genderization by body contours reshaping
37 DeepVein: Novel Finger Vein Verification Methods Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
41 On the Vulnerability of Extended Multispectral Face Recognition Systems Towards Presentation Attacks
70 Please Hold On: Unobtrusive User Authentication using Smartphone's built-in Sensors
104 Finger Knuckle Image based Personal Authentication using DeepMatching
110 LivDet-Iris 2015 - Iris Liveness Detection Competition 2015
108 Millimetre Wave Person Recognition: Hand-crafted vs Learned Features